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Hi, I'm Joel Cumberland (aka jrosco) the current developer of all projects found on this page.

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mwhois module new release v0.1.1b

2014-12-24: added reset default proxy support in finally statements
2014-12-23: casted the whoinfo.whois_server var to string (it was causing problems with PySocks and this fixed it)
2014-12-22: added rightside gtld's mappings (ninja, software, pub etc)
2014-12-22: added socket.error exception
2014-12-22: add more build scripts
2014-12-22: add build status icon
2014-12-22: added travis continuous integration service
2014-12-21: removed header image
2014-12-21: fixed run examples
2014-12-21: fixed typos
2014-12-21: updated file

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