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Hi, I'm Joel Cumberland (aka jrosco) the current developer of all projects found on this page.

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Multi Whois Client new release v1.0.1


2014-12-24: update version number
2014-12-24: updated build files
2014-12-24: added build instructions docs
2014-12-24: new updated version 1.1.0 - now includes proxy support and settings feature
2014-12-24: updated main functions
2014-12-24: modified deb control file
2014-12-23: updated images and files into src directory
2014-12-23: copy build script and logos to master
2014-12-23: added inno_setup installer src file
2014-12-23: added log src files
2014-12-23: updated icon
2014-12-23: removed print command
2014-12-23: fixed windows settings path
2014-12-23: updated script
2014-12-23: proxy settings now in beta.
2014-12-22: improved script
2014-12-22: fixed script
2014-12-22: remove images and file from src folder
2014-12-22: fixed script
2014-12-22: working on proxy settings
2014-12-22: removed unwanted code
2014-12-22: working on proxy settings
2014-12-22: added support for new gtld's provided by rightside
2014-12-21: working on proxy settings
2014-12-21: added socks download URL

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